In U.S. Foster Care

​International Adoptions

Some by war. Others to poverty. Some by drugs. Others to violence. Some we know. Others we don't. The exact number of orphans in America and around the globe will forever remain a mystery. HOWEVER, our best estimate is an excess of 153,000,000 children are without parents in 2017. 
A staggering number, today's American foster child population is equivalent to the population of Metropolitan Atlanta. Hundreds of thousands of children will go to bed tonight waiting for a FOREVER family. Of these, less than 60,000 are adopted through the Child Welfare System. 
r​ International adoption has declined 76%  since its peak in 2004. Rising costs, national sanctions, and political corruption have contributed to millions of orphans losing hope. Children in Asia, Africa, Central & South America, and Eastern Europe are waitng for a Mama and Papa to change their life forever.


A foster care child and pastor of 19 years, Trevor Littleton was adopted in Tuscarawas County, Ohio in 1981. ​Blessed with a wondeful family, Trevor felt the call to adopt internationally - a passion that concluded in November 2015 when he and Shanna brought Roman and Riah home from Ukraine. 

While the experience was wonderful, Littleton returned to America with a burden to help orphaned children by equipping families and immediately transitioned the focus of his doctoral work to the world of adoption and founded Axiom Family Development to advocate for orphaned children, educate adoptive families, and foster an environment of communication in restoring hope to vulnerable children.  

Bestselling author of Boundless & The Avonlea Saga, Littleton was labeled, "The Adoption Guy" because of unwavering passion for adoption.

Trevor lives in Marion, Ohio with his beautiful wife and co-author of "We Found You: A Ukraine Adoption Story" Shanna and six amazing children. 

Axiom Family Development exists to advocate for orphaned children, educate adoptive families, and foster an environment of communication in restoring hope to vulnerable children.