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  1. Information
    The cold hard truth is adoption is challenging. However, there is a wealth of information available to families that remains largely untapped.
  2. Power in Numbers
    More than 1,000,000 American lives are changed by adoption each year, larger than Metropolitan Cincinnati and Atlanta - COMBINED. Imagine the hope available to adoptive families and children if everyone united in one mission, one platform, and one voice to help vulnerable children in America and around the globe!
  3. Ingenuity
    The mission of orphan care merits ingenuity. Axiom Family Development is predicated on leadership, outside the box thinking, and practical solutions to every day adoption issues. When lives are on the line, families rise to the occasion.
  4. Creativity
    A kaleidoscope of hope, personality, life circumstance, and geography - adoption offers a wide variety of stories. This meta narrative or "grand story" lends much power to the unity of culture, socio-economic diversity, and family life.
  5. gloCal Culture!
    With Google at your fingertips and the advent of social media in your palm, adoptive families can stay connected from any position around the globe. Today, global information feeds local curiosity. The plight of the orphaned child and struggle of the boy and girl in foster care both tread on even field. Imagine a world where families are connected to the resources they need to weather the challenges of adoption.
  6. Shattering the Glass Ceiling
    Why adopt? Because every child deserves a family. Many fears accompany the journey of adoption. You do not need all the tools for the road. The fires of orphan care forge strong leaders in every family and adoptive village. Stand amazed at the wealth of stories available each testifying to the potential of every mother and father to be.